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What's happening at Buyskop Lodge?

The focus is very much on nature conservation and with the beautiful area we live in having such an abundance of game, we want you to experience as much of it as we can show you.

Good summer rains revitalized the veld and birds well for the rest of the rainy season. The weather is perfect ensuring endless days of sunshine with welcome rain from time to time.

History of Buyskop

Buyskop has a rich and fascinating history. The landmark ruins of Buyskop used to be the famous old mine where sandstone from the area was mined and utilised in the construction of the Union Buildings in Pretoria

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Bela Bela

Bela-Bela is a Sepedi (Northern Sotho) word meaning "water that boils on its own" or when literally translated, "boiling boiling" and refers to the town's world renowned hot water springs which were discovered in the early 1800's by the local Batswana tribes.

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